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              Hu Haipeng, executive chairman of Hefei Huanggang chamber of Commerce and general manager of Anhui Lujiang Kaisheng new energy Co., Ltd

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              Release time: 2019-8-24

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              Character card

              Hu Haipeng, male, was born in 1976 in jilinggou village, Wenquan Town, Yingshan County. He graduated from university in 1997 and developed in Shanghai. Since 2012, he has been the chairman of Anhui Lujiang Kaisheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Hefei Lujiang Kaichuang Hardware Technology Co., Ltd., Kunshan zhuocao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Boqin Precision Industry Co., Ltd., Hubei KunTeng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and Hubei Xingrui Hardware Technology Co., Ltd.

              In 1997, Hu Haipeng, a university graduate, wandered alone in Shanghai, starting from the most basic level workers.

              Today, more than 20 years later, he has founded six manufacturing enterprises, leading more than 2000 employees to produce structural parts and components for computers, mobile phones, audio, cameras and automotive power batteries. Its customers include Lenovo, HP, Samsung, Sony, Dell and other industry giants.

              From an ordinary worker to an enterprise executive, to a leading entrepreneur, he is like a young eagle flying from the depths of the Dabie Mountains. After more than 20 years of life training, he has been fighting against the waves. He has become a Haihua Kunpeng and shaken his wings for nine days!

              When he first entered the workplace, he became a black faced man on the production line

              On July 22, in Kaichuang Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. of Lujiang Economic Development Zone, Hu Haipeng, regardless of his sweat, showed us a visit and explained each production line like a treasure. More than 100 mu of large plant, advanced equipment, a wide range of products, production line of young face, let everyone feel the vitality of the enterprise.

              Who would have thought that this enterpriser with high spirits also suffered from a low point in his life.

              In 1997, Hu Haipeng graduated from a university in Wuhan and went to Shanghai to find a job. Because he majored in economic management, and the competition of enterprise management position was fierce. After looking for a job for more than a month, he didn't have money to eat. What should I do? He had an idea, put away the university diploma, took out the junior high school diploma to participate in the factory application.

              As a result, he entered a manufacturing enterprise in Minhang, Shanghai, and became an ordinary worker on the grinding and polishing production line. "Put the work-piece on the wheel and grind the dregs away. At the end of the day, except for the teeth and eyes, the rest of the face is black. I have to wait until the last one to eat. I'm afraid that the rancid smell on my body will smoke others."

              Hu Haipeng has a huge psychological gap from the "favored by heaven" in the university campus to the "black faced man" in the factory line. Whenever I feel I can't carry it down, I think back to my school days. On Sundays, I carry sixty or seventy kilograms of rice, canned pickles and firewood to school. In the summer vacation, I collect rice seedlings at home, and my arms make the leaves of the seedlings swollen, painful and itchy No matter how hard it is to work, it's better to go home and farm!

              He calmed down and carefully studied the quality requirements and working procedures of the products, and worked out a set of working methods with time-saving, material saving and labor-saving. He is the first one in the workshop every month in terms of the production of qualified products by piece, which is 30% more than that of the second place. This caused the company's top management to question, they sent people to check. A week later, the verification team reported that the young man had a flexible mind, quick hands and feet, and his work efficiency was extremely high. There was no falsification in the data.

              When the general manager of the company talked to him, he felt that he had the opportunity. He went back to the dormitory and brought his university diploma. He told the general manager his own experience of looking for a job, his understanding of product process and his desire to learn technology.

              The general manager appreciably transferred him to the technical department as an apprentice. In his new job, he was eager to learn parts manufacturing technology.

              His experience in this factory has laid a solid foundation for him, who is "a great master of heaven and is responsible for this man". At this time, Hu Haipeng set the ambition of Kunpeng: master the real ability and become the elite of manufacturing industry!

              He is happy to be a "brick" of the enterprise

              After studying in the technology department for two and a half years, Hu Haipeng got the first round opportunity of turning his life into one of the top Taiwan funded enterprises in the industry.

              Deep water river wide boat, learn more wisdom, wide career, his full of talent and soon revealed. Several times, the business department sent samples to talk with customers. Because the business personnel did not understand the technology and lacked skills in communicating with customers, the samples were returned each time, which was judged as unqualified. Hu Haipeng introduced himself and talked with customers across the business department. He explained the performance, use, function and various parameters of the product clearly. He dispelled the doubts of customers and won a huge order. He opened the closed door of customers with the golden key of knowledge, which attracted the attention of the chairman of the company.

              "The rolling grinding workshop ranks the bottom of the whole factory every month, and gives you three months. If you can get the production capacity up and give it to a section head, will you do it?" Asked the chairman.

              "Dry!" He replied boldly. After a lot of research, he quickly found out the key to the backward production capacity: the products and stones were vibrated and polished in the machine. After grinding, the workers had to sort the products and stones one by one by hand. The whole process took more than 40 minutes. Why not design a funnel to let stones leak out when the machine vibrates? He had an idea, and cooperated with the company's design department to invent a funnel, which changed manual sorting products into automatic sorting. The process of more than 40 minutes can be completed in 8 minutes.

              When the production capacity came up, the workshop got the red flag of flowing for the first time in the first month. Hu Haipeng was employed as the head of quality department, realizing the counter attack from workers to enterprise executives.

              "I am a brick of the enterprise, where it needs to be moved." In this Taiwan funded enterprise, he has worked in almost all departments and accumulated a lot of experience in technology, management and business.

              A few years later, Hu Haipeng applied for a manufacturing enterprise in Fujian. In 10 years, he worked as a department head to become the general manager of the company. The company's annual output value increased from more than 1 million yuan to more than 100 million yuan, accounting for 70% of the global market segment.

              He recalled that when he was the general manager, he was very comfortable. He was familiar with his work and had no pressure. His salary was 23 million yuan a year, including food and shelter. However, in the dead of night, I think that although I am an enterprise executive, many things in my working life can not be completely controlled by myself, and very good ideas can not be implemented in time. If you want to realize your ideal, you should start your own business.

              More than 10 years of senior management career has made him plump. Hu Haipeng is determined to fly out of the comfort zone and make a career. He took out all his savings and set out on the road to entrepreneurship.

              Capture business opportunities, he is "one step faster" than customers

              In 2010, Hu Haipeng and his friends jointly acquired a factory in Kunshan and established Zhuo Chuang Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. to produce notebook computer structural parts. Relying on the business management experience and customer resources accumulated in the industry for more than 10 years, the company has achieved a good result of output value of 23 million yuan and net profit of 9 million yuan in the first year of production.

              Lenovo Group, the world's largest notebook computer sales company, is one of Hu Haipeng's customers. At the beginning of 2012, Lenovo's high-level meeting decided to lay out the Jianghuai region and build a factory in Hefei, Anhui Province. The news reached Hu Haipeng's ears on the third day. He led the team to Hefei to register trademarks, set up Hefei Lujiang Kaichuang Hardware Technology Co., Ltd., and bought land, built factories and imported equipment. When Lenovo settled down in Hefei, Kaichuang Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. had already started production, which naturally became Lenovo's largest supplier.

              Following the layout of the industry with customers, he settled down one step ahead of the customers. This is a classic case of Hu Haipeng's galloping in the business world, which also reflects his extraordinary courage and courage. In order to lay a good foundation and seek stable development, others would choose to make an enterprise bigger and stronger. However, he seized the business opportunities and began to invest as soon as he had money.

              He then invested in four production branches across the country. With more than 2000 employees and hundreds of advanced processing equipment and precision testing equipment, it has formed a modern high-tech enterprise integrating the design and development, processing, service, sales and trade of power battery structural parts, high-precision auto parts, notebook computers and mobile phones and other electronic product parts, household appliances hardware, precision molds, fixtures, etc.

              He believes that investment in multiple enterprises has formed a complete industrial chain of manufacturing industry, reducing costs and improving the ability and competitiveness of enterprises to receive orders.

              No matter how far and high you fly, you will never forget your hometown. On the Qingming Festival in 2018, he returned to Huanggang to attend the Forum on "capable people returning to their hometown". After listening to the call of Liu Xuerong, Secretary of the municipal Party committee, he resolutely returned to his hometown to invest. On May 26, the company signed a contract with Yingshan County Government to establish Hubei Xingrui Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. and settled in the incubator base of small and micro enterprises in Bisheng science and Technology Industrial Park of Yingshan economic development zone. In June, the company acquired abandoned factories and purchased equipment, trial production in July and officially put into production in August. Since the company was put into operation, the total output value has reached about 50 million yuan, the comprehensive tax revenue has reached more than 4 million yuan, and more than 100 people have been employed.

              He is not afraid of "losing money" in the future

              In the eyes of outsiders, Hu Haipeng is often "unconventional" and keen on "losing money".

              A few years ago, he bought out a production line for the production of hump back TV shade covers. At that time, hunchback TV had been eliminated by LCD TV. Although this production line was very advanced, it had already stopped production. Why buy an abandoned production line? Many people in the enterprise don't understand this "loss sale".

              The answer was soon solved. After the combination and transformation of cross-border technology, the production line of hump back TV shade cover is completely new and produces metal loudspeaker net for notebook computer. Technology "grafting", not only let the abandoned production line come back to life, but also let the cost of a loudspeaker net reduced to one thirtieth.

              After 7 years of rapid development, Hu Haipeng has led the company to become the leader in the notebook computer structural parts industry. The notebook computer industry is still stable, but he no longer invests a cent in this industry. Instead, he invests money in the integrated circuit industry and the new energy vehicle industry to develop and produce new products. In 2015, he established Anhui Kaisheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Hubei Kunteng new energy Co., Ltd. At present, the integrated circuit and new energy vehicle industry, only continuous investment, did not bring Hu Haipeng profits.

              "We should not confine our vision to the business in front of us, but aim at the future business trends and consumer demand, and lay out ahead of time." He predicted that with the advent of 5g era, notebook computer industry will usher in a cliff type decline, while the integrated circuit and new energy vehicle industry will usher in explosive growth. In the future, huangxigang will occupy two positions in the industry.

              Hu Haipeng in front of him is full of vigor, vigor, courage and amity. We have reason to believe that in the future, he will be like his name, in the ocean of industry, the ROC wings, flying in the sky!

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