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              Lujiang young entrepreneur association visited Lujiang Kaisheng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd

              Author: admin

              Release time: 2019-2-2

              Number of visits: 19

              In the first ten days of January 2019, under the leadership of Zhang Bo, Secretary General of the Youth League and county Party committee, Wang Yinchuan, vice president of the association, Zhou Bin, secretary general, Xu Jianglong, Zhang Wei, executive directors, and Gong Peijian, head of the governing unit, went to Hefei Huanggang chamber of Commerce for a visit and exchange. They were warmly received by Hu Haipeng, general manager of the company.

              After arriving at the enterprise, Hu Haipeng made a comprehensive and detailed introduction to the enterprise through the enterprise video and courseware.

              Hu Haipeng visited the production workshop and then led the members to exchange views.

              After the visit, all the visiting members returned to the conference room for discussion and exchange.

              The visit and exchange activities strengthened the interaction among member enterprises, and the visiting members expressed that they were shocked, gained and inspired.

              During the activity, the association also held exchanges with Huanggang chamber of Commerce in Hefei. Li Haifeng, President of Huanggang chamber of Commerce, and other entrepreneurs introduced the relevant situation. The two associations agreed to continue to carry out more exchange activities in the future, deepen the friendship between the associations and strengthen joint and mutual assistance.


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